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Friday, February 23, 2007

Survived today's scoping-

and there's pictures, full color pictures from my colonoscopy! But you can't see them. That would be just a little too much, don't ya think? Anyway, today's exam went very well. The clinic was efficient and professional and friendly and they took good care of me.

The Doc was pleased with today's results. I'll be getting a date for my surgery sometime the week after next and fortunately, I'll be getting the "easier" method of repair done and so will be looking at a much shorter recovery time. That makes me very happy.

The sedative meds the Doc gave me have really kicked my butt this afternoon and as soon as I got home I had a 4 hour nap. Since I woke from the nap I've been esconced on the recliner chair. Its almost 10 PM and I'm finally feeling wide awake again!

At any rate, the Doc is pleased with the outcome of today's exam and optimistic about a full recovery when its time for the actual surgery. Good news all around!

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